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Hệ thống WIFI chuyên nghiệp

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Hệ thống camera quan sát

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Hệ thống âm thanh chuyên nghiệp

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Hệ thống camera HD

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Wireless Fabric Intelligent Edge Solutions

Wireless Fabric Intelligent Edge Solutions

Wireless Fabric Intelligent Edge Solutions


Our wireless fabric of connectivity solutions makes the network resilient, easy to operate, high performance, and agile; providing cost effective connectivity for network operators. Our point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, Wi-Fi and narrowband wireless infrastructure can be leveraged for enterprise edge, IIoT industrial access and residential access applications. The entire purpose built end-to-end network is managed from a “bird’s eye view” by cnMaestroTM. All Cambium Networks solutions are backed by our global organization that provides support services tailored to meet your business needs.


Improve network performance and quality while reducing the time and cost of managing a network by moving the intelligence from the core to the edge. An Intelligent Edge network has the ability to react to changing conditions. Lose connection to the cloud? No problem. Intelligent Edge networks do not have to send all traffic to a central controller or NOC. Less data is backhauled, reducing the total network load, points of failure and latency. The network becomes more resilient to outages. Users stay connected.


Management made easy. Network policies are centrally defined, and consistently enforced at the edge. Define and configure policy in the cnMaestro management system and push configuration settings across the entire network to maximize consistency. Policy engines that reside locally on both the switch and transmission elements provide secure connectivity.


Simple to design in security. Virtual networks for different user groups can be configured at the demarcation, and new devices are automatically detected and authorized for specific services. No more security breaches or outages due to misconfiguration that can happen with manual data entry.


The Intelligent Edge is here now. Field proven in our cnPilot Wi-Fi products, Intelligent Edge capabilities are now built into our new cnRanger LTE distribution networks and cnMatrixTM enterprise switches. Extend connectivity. Enhance security. Increase efficiency – all with Intelligent Edge solutions from Cambium Networks.


Intelligent Edge Features:


• Zero Touch provisioning • Resilience to loss of cloud

• Controller-less provisioning • Intelligent antennas

• Local authentication • Autonomous operation


Connectivity solutions include:

  • Key Features: Wireless backhaul and licensed microwave links including the PTP 550 offering 1.4 Gbps throughput.

  • Strategic Value: High capacity wireless fabric infrastructure to connect to the cloud in the licensed and unlicensed bands. Enabling connectivity to reach people, places and things at the Intelligent Edge.

  • Key Features: MU-MIMO technology supports peak throughput of 1.2 Gbps in the 4.910-5.970 GHz bands.

  • Strategic Value: Cost effective “last mile” broadband access wireless fabric solution that creates a high performance infrastructure. Connects Intelligent Edge access solutions including indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi networks that support devices, cameras, sensors and controls.

  • Key Features: Increase Range and Coverage with LTE air interface features in 2 GHz spectrum. Simplified LTE with a Virtualized, Embedded core. LTE Optimized for Fixed Wireless Broadband. Zero touch configuration automatically recognizes and provisions elements on contact while prohibiting unauthorized devices.

  • Strategic Value: High Power Remote Radio Head (RRH) works through dense foliage where EIRP-limited 5 GHz is not an option. High power SM provides enhanced uplink. Avoid cost and complexity of Evolved Packet Core (EPC). Eliminate dependency on cloud communication, provision infrastructure in minutes. Brings intelligence to the edge, connecting access solutions using familiar networking models (i.e. Ethernet bridging).

  • Key Features: cnMedusaTM Massive MU-MIMO technology available in the 3 GHz licensed and 5 GHz unlicensed bands increases the capacity of a PMP 450i system, to over 1 Gbps per sector.

  • Strategic Value: HIgh capacity and spectral efficiency for “last mile” multipoint broadband infrastructure in the licensed and unlicensed bands. Connects Intelligent Edge access solutions including indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi networks that support devices, sensors and controls.

  • Key Features: Indoor and outdoor 802.11ac Wi-Fi access networks. The e430 wall plate is optimized for multi-dwelling units. Zero touch provisioning, flexible architecture, ezDetect, ezAccess, resilient to loss of cloud.

  • Strategic Value: Industry standard enterprise edge access wireless fabric solutions. The cloud-managed Intelligent Edge provides an easy to operate solution with low TCO, with the robustness to keep running even if connectivity to the cloud is lost. Easy to deploy, and easy to operate.

  • Key Features: Industrial IoT wireless narrowband connectivity solutions optimized for SCADA backhaul and other process automation applications.

  • Strategic Value: Industrial edge access wireless fabric solutions. Multiple licensed and unlicensed frequencies with flexible I/O options to backhaul Intelligent Edge devices, sensors and meters realizing the benefits of IIoT.

  • Key Features: Simple, secure cloud-managed, affordable administration of a unified wired/wireless network. • Zero Touch Dynamic provisioning • Auto network segmentation with device profiling • Wireless aware • Intelligent PoE • Enhanced security

  • Strategic Value: Intelligent Edge architecture enables network operators to deliver on the promise of a unified access network that is enterprise grade and more affordable than traditional solutions. Improve network performance while reducing the time and cost of provisioning and management. Reduce network problems by eliminating error prone manual configuration.

  • Key Features: On-premises or cloud-based management of the entire network. Optimizes management for Managed Service Providers (MSP).

  • Strategic Value: Oversight of the entire wireless fabric connectivity solution to maximize network uptime, minimize maintenance costs and optimize customer satisfaction. Monitoring and control of communications components from the core backhaul to Intelligent Edge devices.